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Theme voyage LaosMood Travel


 For all tastes 


Laos is essentially a destination focused on culture, history and nature.

Laos Mood Travel benefits from a dense network of contacts that will allow us to design tours in close relationship with the stakeholders of your program.

The vast majority of our programs are designed around the country's history and culture.


With subtle combinations of participatory activities and varied visits.

We also have a penchant for designing themed trips. Rather for (small) groups of friends or work colleagues.


We offer you some common threads that can be the subject of a specific project, to be refined together.

Please note that you will not find a list of sample routes. We work exclusively "on the project", offline.

Instead, you'll find simple ideas and suggestions that can tease your appetite to embark on a trip to Laos.


We invite you to read up on Laos and come back to us with an idea or project for an itinerary that seems possible to you and we will start working from it.


Be as specific as possible with your brief for us. This will go a long way in helping us determine what will work best for you.

If you can't find what you're looking for, we'll be here to help you with your detailed ideas.


With Laos Mood Travel, anything is possible if it respects Laotian culture, and it complies with local laws.

Loi Khatong, Laos

 Culture &  History 

For travellers who like to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in the culture of this country. Open your mind for the duration of your trip and explore a Laos rich in a glorious past but also appreciate its contemporary side, opening up to the world.

Family travel - Laos Mood travel

 Family holidays 

We ourselves have children of different ages and from different backgrounds. We experience Laos ourselves as a family. In rural and urban areas. And we will gladly recommend what we think is the most appropriate for the composition of your household.


Champagne at the top of Pak Ou Caves  Luang Prabang


If you want to go all out, we've got you covered! Laos is full of opportunities to isolate yourself, to privatize magical sites at a lower cost, to treat yourself with top-of-the-range services that are still quite unknown and unexpected to the uninitiated.

romance in laos


Wedding anniversary? Honeymoon? Proposal? Look no further! Laos is THE alternative destination par excellence for a romantic getaway away from the crowds.

Cruise - Holiday Style

 River cruises 

Many of the rivers in Laos are navigable. With a variety of boats and pirogues that range from half-day, full-day or more itinerant journeys over several days. Let yourself be carried away by the swells in breathtaking landscapes.

MICE, Laos Mood Travel


We're sure you didn't expect MICE to be possible in Laos. Well, it is! We specialize in the organization of incentive trips, meetings and other team building events with references between 204 and 11 participants. And a good average between 50 and 70 pax.

Temple Group Visit Laos

 Group tours 

Whether you are a works council, an association, a sports club or a group of friends, travelling in a group has never been so "fun" in Laos! If you have a keen ecological or socio-cultural awareness, we encourage you to support one or more local development projects, in line with your values.


Follow your passion in Laos. Whether it's gastronomy, photography, yoga, archaeology, arts, wildlife protection, agriculture, tea / coffee cultivation, flora, sports (pétanque, trail running, football, rugby, baseball, badminton, etc.), let's work together on your project.

Auto tours, Laos


Do you like to drive? We recommend what to do, where to stop, what to avoid, what to pay attention to, etc. All this is "packaged" in our "Road Diary". Drive your 4x4 and explore the country in partial or total autonomy. Get your International Driving Permit, and off you go.

Tour educatif, Lao Mood Travel


We understand the requirements of educational institutions, the pedagogical goals of teachers, the interests of students, and the concerns of parents. We work with these different stakeholders here in Laos with international schools. Relevance, safety and value for money are our watchwords.

Pleine Nature au Laos

 Surrounded by nature 

Laos is a land suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, mountain biking, kayaking, ziplining and monkey bridges, homestaying, camping, quad biking, paddle boarding, hot air ballooning, etc. It will all depend on the travel season, your physical abilities, your interests and your budget constraints.

Action solidaire Laos

 Solidarity tours 

VChoose your charity in Laos, start a group if necessary, count on an associative collective of people who will support you, start fundraising, we take care of the Challenge on site in Laos! Alternatively, possibility of volunteering as part of a local NGO.

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