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The point of visiting Laos is to meet its people. Take your time. A time for exchange and sharing with welcoming people. We are well aware that it is sometimes difficult for visitors to take their foot off the gas. With the ambition to "do everything" in a period of time that is often too short.


The notions of time and distance in Laos are very different from what is known as a frame of reference in Western countries. We are here to guide you in the choices and arbitrations to be made.

Laos is made up of a multitude of ethnic groups spread across rugged and spectacular landscapes. The mountainous and remote north, the central plains along the Mekong and the upland territories in the south.


The country is crisscrossed by rivers, many of which are navigable, offering spectacular views. The bucolic sites of Luang Prabang, Champasak, the "4,000 Islands" region, Vang Vieng, the lake landscapes of Nam Ngum Lake and the Nam Ou Valley invite you to laziness, contemplation, idleness, and relaxation.

Trust us and don't let yourself be deceived by the outdated writings of visitors, pseudo tourist guides who are often a bunch of "hearsay" and other "influencers" biased by commercial bait.

Our average stay in Laos is 13 days. And make no mistake, in 13 days, you won't do "all" of Laos.

Since the resumption of the post-Covid era, the trend has been growing with tours during which our intrepid visitors strive to stop at least 2 nights at each site visited.


Tired of incessant check-in/check-out every day! Take the time to relax your toes during a lazy (sandy) stay in a beautiful natural setting before returning home, energized.


Luang Prabang


 Far North 

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Centre & South Laos

 Central &  Southern Laos 

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