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About Laos Mood Travel


 Laos Mood Travel  is a local travel agency, incorporated in Laos



Based in Vientiane, the administrative, political and economic capital of the Lao PDR, our company was founded on the 10th of October 2010 (10/10/10) by a group of friends who had as their driving force to express their creativity freely.

The company specializes in tailoring customized trips. We provide expert advice to travel professionals such as tour operators and travel agencies, as well as to direct customers. We guide curious travellers and inquirers. We create and price their programs.

We market and execute our tour packages in Laos only. We are a sales force. And we won't hesitate to challenge you if we feel that your initial plan is not the best.

The Laos Mood Travel team offers you the benefit of its in-depth knowledge of Laos in an intimate way.


Offering expertise in customizing holidays with an experiential approach that we look forward to sharing with open-minded planners. And to promote slow tourism, #SlowTravel.

With Laos Mood Travel, you have access to an experienced multicultural team that wants to be ambassadors of responsible tourism giving Laos the room it merits, a destination that deserves the attention of planners and respectful travellers who will take the time to immerse.

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