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Looking for adventure? To push your limits?

Want to run or cycle for a cause?

Choose your charity/organization, find a group of people to join you, start fundraising, we're taking care of the Challenge, here in Laos, Southeast Asia!

With your co-workers, friends, sports team, parents. Embark on a fun, personal, and group experience that is challenging and rewarding like no other.

Charity Laos
Charity Laos, LaosMood Travel
Charity North, Laos

 Make the 


Are you a company?


You want to:


* Offer a unique life experience for your employees?

* Encourage loyalty to the company?

* Build your team?

* Improve communication and interpersonal relationships?

* Create PR opportunities?


There are 2 options : 


Ask your employees to raise funds for their chosen cause,


Raise money for the company's regular organization.

In order to take part in the challenge, employees raise funds through sponsorships – a portion of the funds go towards the cost of the challenge and the rest goes to the recipient organization.

We master the logistics of expeditions and tourism operations. Whether you choose hiking, biking, participating in community projects, or a combination of all of these, we've spotted breathtaking spots and identified projects that we're going to share with you in privacy. Where appropriate, we work in collaboration with large, medium or small NGOs that have the local expertise to maximize the benefits for the communities and projects visited.

If you want to add some fundraising items during the round, that's also possible! We have a bunch of ideas in stock that we'd love to share with you.

Get in touch with us, tell us more about your project, we will advise you on what could work well by matching your fitness level and expectations, group profile and size, duration and season of travel.
Laos Mood Travel is committed to the principles of responsible travel. Contact us to learn more about how we get involved.

Be amazed as much by your own and the group’s performance as by the beauty of the people and landscapes of Laos.

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