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Image de Hongbin

Yes, sir, yes ma'am! Don't pay attention to old articles in outdated guidebooks. Self-driving is possible in Laos! All you need is your International Driving Permit.

We will recommend the right choice of vehicle based on the size of the group, the season of travel, the type of driving experience you are looking for, and the length of the trip.

We design different itineraries and offer to pre-book accommodation for you along the way. You enjoy driving and we will recommend what to do, where to stop, what to avoid, what to pay attention to, etc. All this is "packaged" in our "Road Book".


 Take the 


If you think a tour guide (person) can add some value, we can arrange that as well. Remember that some areas of Laos can be difficult when unforeseen circumstances force you to deal with challenging situations. During the green season, in remote areas, roads can be flooded, bridges broken, you can be blocked by landslides, etc.

In any case, with or without a tour guide onboard, you will be behind the wheel!

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