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Vang Vieng Mountains, Laos



Being 13 years old is not trivial. Since October 10th, 2023, this has been the case for #LaosMoodTravel. Our incoming agency, a specialist in Laos "only" as our name suggests, has reached the age of adolescence. Yes, we've become a teen company.


Since our inception and launch dating back to 10/10/2010, we've strived to design personalized, responsible, experiential, and slow-paced programs.

As much for an audience of travel professionals as for intrepid travellers, without intermediaries. Our DNA is well marked with strong values that we apply on a daily basis in everything we do. These values remain unchanged with honesty, care, attention to detail, creativity, authenticity, the promotion of slow tourism, a sense of humour and the practice of business ethics.

Since our launch, we have been satisfied with our corporate identity, especially with our logo in graffiti format.

Laos Mood Travel


It was a logo that had proved to be a "no-brainer". The result of a dream. With a wake-up in the middle of the night, a few pencil strokes and 2 back and forth exchanges later with the talent of a graphic designer, the logo was there.


A painless and joyful birth! With a logo that would last 13 years. 13 years of full satisfaction to see "How original", "That's really nice", "What a good idea", often associated with our business cards in "baggage tag" format. This logo has lived well. We loved it passionately. And it gave it back to us. To be frank, it's a bit of a "selfish" logo.


We had fun in the first place. We wanted this logo to be a bit "teasing", which goes beyond the normative framework often characteristic of Laos, evoking a "promise", that of offering "out-of-the-ordinary" experiences. Promise in the sense that, obviously, like any fledgling company, we didn't have the references to support our arguments.

But over time, after gaining the trust of partners, we have built a confidence in ourselves with a strong character that translates into the creation of rich, differentiating trips, respectful of all stakeholders and rewarding for everyone involved.

Laos Mood Travel is a local agency that aims to be the link between its interlocutors outside Laos and the local people of Laos who are voluntary, motivated, caring and welcoming.


We are a sales force dedicated to providing enriching, sincere, rewarding and memorable experiences. In order to create trips that are worthwhile.

As we entered a new era of our development, we realized that we had to accept that we were no longer "youngsters". Realizing that we are now "teenagers" made us realize that we had matured and "grown." And as we grow up, we evolve, we change, we adapt to this "new us".


Not that we have entered a phase of "adolescent crisis", however, our intuition has made us think enough to the point of having a strong desire to evolve. At the level of our identity. And there you have it, after some thought and trial and error, ta-da!

We are proud and excited to unveil our "new look". With a revamped logo and a new typo to match. Which we will decline as the months go by and the opportunities/events that come our way.


And over to you. It's a logo that we wanted to be airier, refined, in movement, with this nod to the emblematic animal of Laos, the elephant. Self-assured, determined, focused, resilient, kind, friendly and trustworthy.


With a typography that reflects the nature of what we do on a daily basis: to develop programs with varied content, alternating meetings and activities of different intensities, for singular and harmonious trips, designed especially for you.

Lao handicraft textiles

Thank you for your unconditional support. We look forward to seeing you on our social networks, by all means in person, by email, and even better, in person in Laos, at a travel / tourism fair, during a commercial tour at your office or during a professional event!

Laos Mood Travel: [Eye-opener on the Unseen since 2010]


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