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We are travel professionals and parents at the same time! We have children of different ages and backgrounds. We travel around Laos with our offspring.

We have a keen understanding of what works with them. And likewise, what doesn't work. As a result, we are confident in recommending options that will satisfy the interests of parents and children.

Just give us some background information about your travel group and we will be happy to offer you what we believe, will please everyone.

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 With my tribe 


Here are some random, but not limited to, suggestions we might have for you:


  • Tree Top explorer / The Gibbon Experience – Zipline and pass monkey bridges 15 meters above the ground. Add to the experience a night in the canopy and you enjoy the views of the Milky Way.


  • Cooking class – So much fun to learn new skills and discover new flavors to impress family and friends back home. Khao Niaw will no longer hold any secrets for you.


  • Dyeing on silk – Learn how to create your own colours from natural pigments and dye your own scarf. Enough to prepare you for the cool days, with the satisfaction of "I did it"!


  • Try your hand at Muay Lao boxing – Put on some boxing shorts and gloves and try your hand at this martial art cousin of Muay Thai, break a sweat and tease yourself and the family in the ring!


  • A freshwater kayaking experience – Paddle through picturesque mountain scenery while observing the people and animals that roam the shoreline. A little effort, a little technique, a lot of contemplation and a lot of satisfaction. Before a rejuvenating massage. The younger ones can opt for a foot and/or head massage.


  • Play pétanque – Challenge the locals to their own game! Laos is the other country where this leisure activity is as beloved as in France. Pétanque is fun and easy. When the sun goes down, Laotians gather in the pétanque courts to cheer on and share some good times over a spicy papaya salad, kebabs and BeerLao! Friendly atmosphere guaranteed. So, do you shoot or point?


  • Spend a night in a homestay – Experience the life of rural people living to the rhythm of the sun for one night. Explore your hosts' fields and gardens, get your hands dirty by helping to prepare dinner, sleep on a mosquito netted mattress, learn about the life of the village's natives and experience the daily life of a large part of the population outside the urban centres. Enough to put a lot of things into perspective.


  • Ride an e-bicycle – We're no slouch when it comes to electric vehicles, especially mountain bikes. Walk the paths between rubber plantations, tropical waterfalls, food plantations and ethnic villages. At the bend of a grove where elephants roam in semi-freedom. 


  • Take part in a pottery workshop – This activity generates income for communities that have specialized in pottery since the dawn of time. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the basic techniques, and everyone will come out with their own creation.

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