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Lao Traditional Art making



Laos Mood Travel has no expansionist intentions in the region. We do not want to open offices outside the borders of Laos. Or to have some of our services contracted out on our behalf. We do not want to sell combination tours. Whenever possible. At least not for an audience visiting Laos for the first time. We are convinced that Cambodia and other bordering countries can and should be promoted as standalone destinations.


We all deserve it. If we absolutely had to combine Laos with another country, when the time comes, we will reveal you who we designed and we will operate this part outside our borders. Transparently. We then think of an audience that is "repeater" and that seeks to complete its deepening of Laos by cross bordering into one of our neighbor’s territory. Creating a meaningful “combo”.

Lao Woman Performing Rural Village Chores

100% of our efforts, time, means and resources are entirely allocated to the promotion of Laos.

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