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Laos Mood Travel looks forward to assisting you whether you are a tour operator, a travel agency or even a direct customer.

If you, too, share our stated values and if what sets us apart from other travel operators matters to you, then contact us !

Let's see together what we can do for you.

Remember: our goal is not to design the cheapest programs on the market. We seek to provide you with itineraries with the best ratio "value for money experience".

Please note that we do not give the prices of our included services separately. Our reason for being is to design itinerant tours, rich in content, with memorable experiences by interacting with the local populations that we identify and incorporate into our tailor-made programs. Our programs include at least one local guide, private transportation with driver, accommodations and activities that will make your trip to Laos memorable. Our rates are expressed only for services that are put together, in a "packaged" format.

If you have budget constraints, please let us know upfront. With this in mind, we will strive to review your request before committing. Or not. Because we accept the idea that we are not necessarily the right partner for every request that comes our way. This will prevent you (and us) from wasting time unnecessarily.

If your motives for this project are not serious, please refrain from contacting us.


Thanks a lot for your kind understanding.

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