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Riverside Boutique Resort, Laos

 Boutique hotels 

Sofitel, Luang Prabang, Laos


Pullman, Laos

 Chic & modernity 


 My cosy 


Want to spend a night in a cabin on the edge of the Mekong River to enjoy the views of the sunrise and sunset?

Do you have a penchant for historic buildings with a soul?

In the mood for a night under the stars?

Need to be pampered in a heavenly hotel?

Are you up for an immersion stay with locals?

A taste for clean lines and contemporary architecture?


Whatever your preferences, our advisors will be able to design a tailor-made trip that suits you.

La Folie Lodge, Laos



Dinfadao, Campimg in Laos

 Camping /Glamping 

 Boutique hotels 

Discover the charm of properties on a human scale. Whether they are converted houses in the city centre, urban or suburban resorts or lodges in the middle of nature.

Our selection of charming properties built in the local style and generally using local resources, keeping the character of the environment in which they are located and a customer service of the highest quality.

Many of them have beautiful facilities such as swimming pools, excellent restaurants and conference rooms to host intimate meetings and corporate events.

The price range varies widely, from a few dollars to several hundreds. In this category, it's not all about price. There's something for every budget. Each with its own peculiarities.


Some are managed by the owners themselves. And they kind of work as a B&B. Others don't. Many of the properties are French-speaking. If this is important to you, please let us know.

 Small, charming and welcoming 

 de la crème 

 The crème 


Be pampered and let yourself be tempted. We have access to a number of beautiful properties that will welcome you in style and comfort where the quest for 'perfection' is the key word.

Take time to relax and let yourself be spoiled. These hotels are simply the crème de la crème in our destinations.

They will cater to your every need, whether it's for your transportation with vintage and prestige cars, wellness services with exquisite spas, gourmet restaurants, and personalized concierge service.

Usually small in size around 15 to 50 keys, with an average of 30 suites, these discreet "paradises" will be recommended to you during our next individual interview.


 Chic & modernity 

The hotel scene in Laos is opening to the international market. Major chains are investing in the country, and opening resolutely contemporary establishments.

Double Tree (by Hilton), Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn (IHG), Minor, Accor, Amari, and many others without necessarily the firepower of chains, now offer properties with a "premium" level of service, management, facilities and locations.

Here you will find a wide selection of restaurants, happy hours, tapas, rooftops, infinity pools, state-of-the-art spas and wellness centres, facilities for meetings and other top notch business events.

The décor is generally avant-garde, with a subtle mix of styles combining traditional Laotian with a modern twist.


Particular attention is paid to the touch, fragrances and light.

   Comfort & 



These small, human-sized structures are often the property of conscientious individuals who manage their own establishments.

Snuggled up in nature, whether you are with your family, as a couple, alone, with friends, or with your work friends during an offsite event, your ecological conscience will be satisfied.

These lodges, resorts, and other camps are respectful of both the environment and the people who gravitate around them.

The properties communicate a lot about their commitments. And they invite you to a participative in a constructive attitude.

Certified or not, it doesn't matter, these accommodations each have their own sensitivities and, without a doubt, you will be won over by the virtuous practices put in place and to come.



A real experience in itself.

With a few nuances, depending on the site.

You will be guests of your host community. Whether it's under the same roof of a rural Laotian family, in a community of ethnic minority villagers or you will sleep in a dormitory separate from your hosts' buildings, in a villa of a long-established foreign couple or in a guesthouse run by a charming host lady.

The idea is to experience your guests' lifestyle from the inside.

With some for whom it's "natural", and for others with whom it's a lifestyle choice.

Here, the comfort will be somewhat rustic, but the experience, memorable.

Human warmth and sincerity is what is sought. A time for sharing, exchange, and even mutually enriching debate. With or without your guide to do the interface, it depends on the location of the experience.



 A taste of 

 Glamping / Camping 

Glamping promises you sweet nights under a starry sky, in a unique setting that is perfectly integrated into the environment. The tents are of high quality, often covered with thatched roofs, set on a wooden deck, with private sanitary facilities.

No need to sacrifice comfort! Enjoy plush beds, private bathrooms, terraces with panoramic views, and sometimes even jacuzzis or fireplaces for romantic or warm evenings with friends. Combine this modern comfort with exciting activities: hiking, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and much more.

When glamping is not available, a camping experience can also be considered. Either in a tent or in a bungalow. The sites chosen are also magnificent, along rivers, the Mekong or on mountain ridges for example.


With varying levels of comfort, amenities and services, but in any case, with a memorable experience, outside of the more "classic" hotel establishments.

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