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We strive to provide our customers with correct information. We price our programs at the right price for services that truly match what you're paying for.

We give you sound advice: we prefer to work with well-informed visitors and clients so that expectations match reality during the stay in Laos.

We do not oversell certain aspects/components of a trip. For example, the ethnic regions of the country, the state of the roads and travel times, the relevance of certain "private Vs. group" experiences, travel seasons in a context of climate change, etc. We play with transparency by using images and photos that are not necessarily the most beautiful but that objectively reflect what visitors can expect on site.


We work hard and give our attention to everything we do.

Such as designing new programs, briefing our guides, taking care of bookings and ensuring the smooth logistics of your services during your stay, from your arrival to your departure.

We have put in place a series of procedures that allow us to minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises.


We keep up to date with potentially interesting news such as hotel openings or the addition of new activities and experiences.


We test them ourselves before offering them to our customers. We are open-minded professionals with a great capacity for empathy and this allows us to share memorable experiences that we will share with visitors with the same mindset as us. We are constantly evolving our offer.

So, follow us and our news to keep you informed of the latest news!

Tuk Tuk in Laos


We respect the culture and traditions of Laos. We suggest and encourage visitors to be curious about the local people and the sites visited. We make sure they do this in the most respectful way possible. We challenge generalist tour operators by offering innovative and enriching tourism and experiences that go far beyond the "classic" tourist itineraries that are easy to set up and organize, without depth. Authenticity is not necessarily concentrated in remote areas of the country, which are difficult and expensive to access. Trust us and (re)visit places that we like ourselves on site, sharing with you the lifestyle of the residents of Laos, and not just a collection of tourist attractions, especially and mainly built heritage.



The values of the principle of responsible travel are close to our hearts. That's why we strive to share with visitors a lot of essential, practical and useful information before and during their stay. We encourage them to buy local, behave well and consume so that their stay can also benefit the local population and economy. We personally know all the stakeholders we work with.


They are all strong-willed, welcoming and benevolent people, open to exchange. Laos is a destination that is lived in mutual respect. Not just a destination to "be seen".



We don't like unpleasant surprises ourselves, so we do our best to provide you with all the necessary information so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, without any unforeseen events. Our programs are very detailed, with lots of notes, and other annotations/warnings. Travellers should take note of this to avoid any misunderstandings.


We have excellent relationships with our partners and suppliers and we pay them on time. We strive to develop close, long-lasting relationships with suppliers who excel in their field. And we expect the same from our customers.



Laos stretches nearly 2,000 Km from north to south, between China and Cambodia. With 40% of the total length of the Mekong River flowing through its territory. Laos has 18 provinces. We are convinced that Laos has enough attractions to exist as a standalone destination, without having to combine it with its neighbors. Take the time to appreciate it. Do like the Laotians who are known for not rushing and enjoying life at their own pace, slowly.



The nature of Laotians is to be laid-back. In Laos, you don't bother much with the formalities. Once the ice is broken, or also to break it, it is quite common to be confronted with funny, unexpected or provoked situations. Sometimes funny. Or even confusing. Through our communication materials (social networks, digital brochures, banners, presentations, etc.), the choice of our photos, visuals and quotes for our programs, and of course on site with our guides, you will probably be confronted with touches of humour.


One of the favorite touches of humour that English-speaking Laotian guides like to talk about the meaning of Lao "PDR" is the "People Don't Rush" aspect. Of course, not everything will necessarily be (well) understood, because we agree that humour is not universal, but the most important thing is to try to remember that we are evolving in a field of activity that is linked to pleasure and joy, in a setting conducive to detachment from the pressure of everyday life with other much more "serious" subjects.

So, yes, before and during your time dealing with Laotians, expect winks, teasers, and other cult references, borrowed from popular culture.

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