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Laos MoodTravel Vision



Laos Mood Travel aims to be recognized by travel professionals and its clients as a creative agency, with an eye for detail and driven by the notion of "value for money-experience". We don't want to be the cheapest local travel operator.


We price our personalized programs at the right price, in line with your expectations and budget constraints, if applicable.

We want to open new horizons for travel agencies and travelers who don't expect so much diversity of themed trips and enriching experiences in Laos. To showcase a contemporary Laos in all its diversity. We value visitors who are active in their holiday.


And who will engage in a respectful way in moments of sharing with the host populations during participatory manual workshops, outdoor activities, cooking classes, various initiation sessions, contributions to local projects, etc.

We promote a better understanding (and appreciation) of Laos through an experiential, hands-on approach.

Waterfall in Luang Prabang Laos
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