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Lao Woman Painting art in Laos




 Expert and up-to-date advice

Our team of travel advisors has developed a thorough understanding of customer expectations, especially Westerners. Still, they'll ask you questions that will help them better identify your preferences and what you don't want, past experiences, expectations, and more. All this with the sole objective of making the best recommendations and better advice.

We incorporate the right amount of inclusions into our programs to ensure that your Laos travel experience is in line with the level of freedom you need.


Unlike what can be written in travel guidebooks (including the most recent publications you are reading right now, and even more so in the post-Covid era),

we have direct access to verifiable information that we are very happy to share with you. We pride ourselves on bringing this value to our services by providing the most targeted and up-to-date information.


 A network of contacts

We are pleased to open new horizons for our visitors. These horizons normally remain closed for the uninitiated. Because travelling is also about meeting the locals, we realize that it is not only the Laotians who make up the country.

When visiting Laos, and when relevant, we are the kind of people who do not hesitate to introduce you to the "expats" who also make up Laos.


There are several bright, highly educated and experts in certain fields that you might be interested in. We have developed a large portfolio of Laotian and expatriate contacts with whom we will be happy to put you in touch, just for you.


Contemporary Laos is made up of a plurality of profiles and stakeholders that will not leave you indifferent once you have spent some time together.

Luang Prabang Waterfall Experience

 Personalized programs 

No two programs are the same. Because we spend precious time getting to know you, to better identify what suits you best. Unlike other operators, we don't jump into producing an itinerary and quote until we make sure you really care about Laos and why with us. We build this vital relationship to be confident before we start anything together. This relationship is the basis for starting to exchange further. That will ultimately lead to the designing and quoting of your dream vacation.


 Value for money-experiences 

Unlike most operators, we don't take the easy way out and don't want to compete on price alone. We believe that we spend special moments with our guests, we do not cut corners and do not jeopardize the quality of the services we offer. Being the cheapest is not our goal. If you're going to compare our programs with others, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. For example, we believe that a driver should only be a driver. A guide must remain a guide. These are 2 different jobs with different imperatives and qualities. Driving and commentating at the same time can be dangerous on Laos' roads.

 Small attentions, big impressions 

We love to be amazed by small attentions from our loved ones. And likewise, we like to positively amaze our guests with small attentions and personal touches.


 Meeting you in person 

If we have been in direct contact, you may want to meet us in person during your trip to Laos. We will do our utmost to do so. Because we believe it's always nice and more personal to put a name on a face. We love to connect with our customers and/or their guests and would love to personally show up for an ice cream, a well-seasoned Lao coffee, a BeerLao or anything new we have tried recently and would like to share with you!

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