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Nos partenaires


We are pleased to list a few partners based in Laos with whom we have a good relationship and whom we highly recommend.

Everything is focused on people, passion and skills, regardless of the field of intervention.

TAEC logo

The Traditional Arts &  Ethnology Centre 


A visit to Luang Prabang would not be complete without a visit to the "TAEC". Rotating exhibitions, participatory workshops, guided tours, self-guided tours, visits with your guide, there is something for everyone. Get acquainted with the rich ethnic diversity in (northern) Laos.

NK Seeds

 NK Seeds 


Melissa is doing an amazing job in the Nong Khiaw area and we encourage you to take a look at her activities. Opportunities for volunteering, join-in tours and various supports.




Vientiane residents know where to spend the weekend to enjoy the best ice creams in Laos.


Icat Gallery

 Icat Gallery

The i:cat gallery is a space for Laotian artists and artists living in Vientiane and Laos. It is located in Phonthan Nua Village, Phonthan-Hongkae Road, Saysetha District, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic. Works by contemporary artists. With regular rotating exhibitions.

The Studio Laos

 The Studio 


Based in Vientiane, Eric and Leo are the prime contractors for this version of this website. Thank you for taking us by the hand for a makeover worthy of our now teenage corporate chapter.

Luang Prabang Deaf & Mute Community

 Luang Prabang Deaf & Mute Community 


Luang Prabang School for the Deaf and Mute: A visit that will leave no one indifferent. A role model and a source of inspiration for many.

Champasak Wellness Space

Champasak Wellness Space


Tired of your day after a bike ride or a walk? Want to rejuvenate yourself before the return trip? Look no further during your stay in Champasak.

Centre de Conservation des Eléphants du Laos



The Lao Elephant Conservation Centre was established in the pristine province of Sayaboury, the original homeland of Laos' elephants.

Lao Disabled Womens Development Center

 The Lao Disabled’s Women Development Center 


A community of generous, open-minded, caring women who welcome many of our visitors with a smile. Highly suitable for those who take the time to exchange, meet and share.




Of particular interest to those who want to know more about the effects of the Secret War, which took place in Laos more than 50 years ago, and which has continued to claim victims ever since.

COPE's mission is to help people with mobility-related disabilities progress by promoting access to physical rehabilitation services in the Lao PDR.





ASAS is a non-profit humanitarian association based in Luang Prabang, Laos. It was created in 2013 by the late Alexandre Rochat and Céline Peyraud, both passionate about discovery, through travel and human adventures. It has been working since 2014 in Laos in the fields of education, health and the environment through sustainable projects aimed at strengthening communities.

Nym Design

 Nym Design Lab 


Thanks to Jean-Baptiste AUDENIS for his professionalism and the "version 2" of our logo.

Mekong Elephant Park

Mekong Elephant Park


A Sustainable, non-riding elephant preservation sanctuary in Pakbeng. A wonderful break for a cause. Actively contribute to the plight of Laotian pachyderms along the Mekong River.

Friends International

  Friends International  


Where to eat well to make a difference. Two beautiful, modest, well-kept addresses, at fair prices and with a few touches of creativity.

Peuples et Montagnes du Mekong

 Peuples et Montagnes du

  Mékong - PEMM  


PEMM is an international solidarity association whose actions are oriented towards access to health for all through the implementation of training and medical interventions in clinics in northern Laos.

Saeng Douangdara

  Chef Saeng Douangdara  


One of the most fervent promoters of Laotian cuisine in the world. He is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Follow him on his Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook networks for his good deals, his recipes, his own products, his events... and his accompanied trips to Laos... with Laos Mood!

The Academy Training Hotel  &Restaurant

 The Academy Training Hotel & Restaurant


Come and have a drink, lunch, dinner, or even sleep there! You will contribute to the training of young volunteer Laotian students who are interested in perfecting their skills in service, hotel and restaurant professions. 

Laos Buffalo Dairy

 Laos Buffalo Dairy Farm 


Laos Buffalo Dairy is a socially responsible social farm and sustainable business. The aim is to improve the rural prosperity, well-being, nutrition and health of the local population, with a focus on buffalo farming and child nutrition. We achieve these goals by improving local agriculture through: better genetics, increased vaccinations, animal husbandry, veterinary care, and a nutrition program to reduce malnutrition rates by 44% in Laos. This activity is supported by the local production of dairy products, tourist visits and donations.

The Orchids Trek, National Park, Vientiane, Laos

The Orchids Trek


A great day trip around Vientiane, accompanied by rangers and an orchid expert, which will take you on forest tracks, rocky canyons along tropical waterfalls. Accessible to children and families.

Doi Ka Noi

  Doi Ka Noi  


The one and only restaurant operating on the concept of "Slow Food". Open on weekends only from Friday to Sunday. In Vientiane. Doi Ka Noi serves seasonal and regional Laotian cuisine from a small menu that changes weekly.

Tai Baan Crafts

 Tai Baan Crafts  


Village handicrafts from the heart of Laos. One of your top picks for all kinds of products sourced all around Laos, which benefit communities of talented artisans.

Above Laos Ballooning Adventures

  Above Laos Ballooning Adventures  


The only Lao-French hot air balloon company, operated and regulated by the Civil Aviation of Laos! Enjoy an early morning flight, with the sun rising, the magic of the mist lifting, the noise of the countryside, privately or in a group.

Dam Dam

 Dam Dam Coffee


Discover the richness, diversity and character traits of Laotian coffee in a participatory way. In particular through a workshop led by David. Dam Dam focuses mainly on Laotian specialty coffee and artistic ambience with regular music events. Quality and empathy are the main mottos. Don't rush and enjoy a slow coffee.


 MAG UXO Visitor Information Centres 


Visit the centers to learn more about the history of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Laos and how MAG is removing them.




Mulberries is a Laotian fair trade organic silk organization that empowers Laotian villagers through sustainable development projects.


We strongly encourage you to take part in a participatory workshop, to eat there or even to stay there! Your purchases help empower Lao villagers and keep traditional community arts thriving.

By purchasing products from the Mulberries Fair Trade online store, you will be supporting the economic livelihoods of Lao village communities.


You can help ensure that the traditional skills and artistic creations of Lao culture are passed on to younger generations.

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