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Have your customers already done it all?

Did they explore Laos a standalone destination (without combining with a neighboring country)?

We're excited to help you create a memorable travel experience for them. We know what it takes to manage a group and its dynamics.

The ideal group size in Laos is around 15 people. If you want to push a little, Laos is possible up to 40 people at a time. Why not more?

Laos is a best-loved country with small groups. We believe in the principles of responsible travel and prefer groups that leave as little negative impact as possible

Temple Group Visit Laos
Pak Ou Caves - Group Tour Laos
Kuang Si - Waterfall Laos Group Tour

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Laos is opening up to the world and the infrastructure is not necessarily ready to welcome customers on a large scale. For example, for domestic flights, airlines and planes carry an average of 55 to 70 passengers at a time. Buses are limited to 40 seats. And in the city of Luang Prabang, you can only use fleets of minivans.

So, especially during the peak tourist season (October to April), it can sometimes be difficult to find availability on certain dates. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you confirm and book a group trip as early as possible.

We are happy to recommend itineraries that explore the culture and landscapes of Laos. River cruises are particularly suitable for groups. Starting with a stopover in Luang Prabang for more travel options, Laos offers a wide choice of possibilities from 7 to 15 days there. Laos is rich in ethnic diversity and landscapes, ranging from the fertile valleys of the Mekong River to the mountain ranges to the north and east.

The gastronomy is typical with the use of a lot of aromatic herbs, sticky / steamed / stir-fried rice, noodles, steamed dishes, stir-fried dishes, various vegetables (cabbage, aubergines, mushrooms, etc.), clear soups, raw vegetables and salads of all kinds, grilled meats (pork, chicken, sausages, quails, fish, etc.), vegetarian (or even vegan) dishes, seasonal ice creams, and exotic fresh fruits (coconut, mango, papaya, banana, lime, grapefruit, etc.). Bread (baguette), fresh juices, iced teas, smoothies, eggs, tea, coffee and BeerLao are available everywhere. Wine and spirits are moderately taxed. Laotians eat mostly with spoons, and occasionally chopsticks, especially with noodle dishes. There is something to satisfy all palates and all budgets.

Get in touch with us to be informed of the best itinerary and components that will take your customers' breath away.

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