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A wedding anniversary? A honeymoon? Are you looking for a holiday destination that is "different from the usual"? Look no further!

Despite not having white sand beaches, there is definitely something for you in Laos!

Now is the time to focus on Laos. Here are some of our recommendations and impressions.

For newlyweds, unspoiled and tranquil Laos is the perfect antidote to recuperate wedding celebrations. These two adjectives define well this small and little-visited country that will undoubtedly amaze you with the honest kindness of its people.

Luang Prabang is magical and virtually untouched despite time passing. The entire peninsula, at the convergence of the Nam Khan River and the Mekong River, has been listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO since 1995. Not much has changed here over the centuries: open-air markets with fresh produce are held every day, monks continue to collect their daily food from devotees who bow in front of their homes waiting for long lines of orange-clad monks to walk in silence. Let yourself be charmed by the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the spiritual capital of Laos.

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 Just for the two  of you 


The charming boutique hotels will take care of your well-being: You can enjoy a spa and couples' massages. Let yourself be tempted by a swim in the turquoise water pools at the foot of tropical waterfalls: so refreshing and absolutely memorable. Take a yoga class and/or meditation class and explore the inner "you". Learn how to cook spicy and flavored dishes to impress your friends and relatives when you return. Get up close and personal with elephants for a moment of complicity in a river. Pedal nonchalantly through artisan villages to learn about ancestral silk weaving techniques.

Whether you're looking for an active or leisurely holiday, Luang Prabang is sure to go above and beyond your expectations in either direction.

Beyond Luang Prabang, take a slow boat and enjoy an intimate private cruise to the north of the Mekong (and/or one of its tributaries) is a pure treat. The landscapes and the diversity of the (ethnic minority) people you meet along the way will leave you with unforgettable moments in your hearts and minds. Go to the rhythm of the swells and enjoy the tranquility.

Vientiane and southern Laos are also nice if you have more time. Take some time to explore the countryside while staying at a charming lodge-style establishment.

And for the ultimate experience, it's possible to consider a traditional Buddhist (or animist) wedding ceremony just for the two of you. Dressed in classic Lao costumes, get married in a way that follows as closely as possible the rituals of a wedding ending with the blessing of the host community. Not to mention the celebration at the end that goes with it, of course! In short, a sincere and authentic Lao-style wedding.

Laos is the ideal destination for lovers of slow-paced vacations, authenticity, and sincerity.

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