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Interets particuliers voyage


Image de Hongbin

To conceive such types of tours, we have spent a considerable amount of time in networking with individuals around the country. The people and organizations we have identified are the result of many years of travel and encounters that we take pride in sharing with like-minded lovers in the relevant fields. If you'd like us to design a full itinerary (or at least one-off meetings) on a topic of your choice, let us know.

We are always delighted to be challenged by requests like this. Just tell us your requirements in terms of duration and the level of quality of services expected, if visits to certain remote areas are required, and we will make it happen.

You can rest assured that your trip will be punctuated by enriching encounters, with passionate people and experts who share the same interests as yours.

For some visitors, your vacation could also be an opportunity to do a bit of business. We can also facilitate the meeting of potential business partners. We are well connected to private sector entrepreneurs and have access to chambers of commerce and other associations, especially in Vientiane

Coocking Class Laos
Yoga Class Laos



Laos Mood Travel has access to experts in:

  • Cooking / Gastronomy,

  • Architectural heritage,

  • Archaeology,

  • Yoga,

  • Wellness,

  • Health,

  • Buddhism,

  • Photography,

  • Arts,

  • Handicrafts,

  • Social sciences,

  • Economic development,

  • Agriculture and fair trade / responsible consumption,

  • Renewable energies,

  • Fashion,

  • Education,

  • Sports (rugby, badminton, pétanque, football, baseball, trail running, Muay Lao, BJJ, etc.),

  • LGBT communities,

  • Wildlife protection,

  • Flora protection,

  • Volunteering.

And in many other fields, upon request.

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