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Yes, it's possible here too! And all year round without exception.

We specialize in the design of incentive trips.

Let's set the record straight: Laos is self-sufficient.

No need to combine it with Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

In the beginning, we agreed to work on combined destination projects, often resulting in a Laos limited to Luang Prabang in 2 or 3 nights.

How frustrating. Not so much for us, but for the visitors especially!

Because at the end of the second or third night, once everyone has taken the pulse of Luang Prabang, to know how to orient themselves, to appreciate the local lifestyle, well... It was time to leave.

Today, we enjoy unparalleled creativity and operational experience.

Rather for a Western audience. With references for groups between 11 and 204 people. And stays between 4 and 8 nights on site.

To do well, you need at least 5 to 6 nights on site, and to be able to consider doing at least 2 sites in order to experience different facets of what Laos has to offer. More is better, of course.

Tuk-tuk trip laos
Petanque game entertrainment, Laos
MICE Traditional dance Laos

 The ultimate





  • ​​Engaging in a sustainable development (CSR) project – do good around you during your visit. Possibility to sponsor/finance a project that you own or contribute to an existing one. Needs are unlimited in Laos and donations are always welcome in kind or in cash,


  • An Open Bar with the animation of the night market under your feet, and the setting of the National Museum in the background,


  • Amazing bicycle rides usually used by students under the age of a motorcycle,


  • A pétanque competition, mixing with the locals, whose practice is one of their favorite pastimes,


  • A hot air balloon flight over a valley in the early morning filled with mist above jagged karst reliefs,


  • E-bike rides in the middle of rice fields, along rivers and through tree plantations,


  • Boutique hotels, once royal and princely residences,


  • Laotian boxing fights, Muay Lao, with a set up just for your group,


  • The Zen atmosphere during the tak ritual beats with the parades of monks and novices who come out of their pagodas at daybreak in search of their daily alms,

  • Hikes in remote villages of ethnic minorities – with the possibility of immersing yourself in their culture by spending a night with them in a communal house,

  •  A one-day cruise (or longer trips) on the Mekong River, contemplating the lifestyle of the residents who go about their business on the banks of the river,


  • A festive evening on the theme of Lao New Year (floral, with water guns) and/or on the theme "Full Moon",


  • Moments of conviviality during events inspired by reality TV show.


And much more, which we can't reveal here.

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