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Personalized and attentive service


At Laos Mood Travel, we are a team that is passionate about travel and dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for our visitors.


We have extensive knowledge of the regions of Laos and strive to find the perfect solution for your travel desires, whether it's a romantic getaway, a family adventure or a business trip.

We understand that every trip is unique and we are committed to providing personalized and attentive service to each and every one of our visitors.

We take the time to discuss your wants, needs and constraints in order to create a trip that truly suits you.

We run our business from our single office in Vientiane.

Born or adopted, all the members of the team enjoy working in the human-sized capital of Vientiane. We are its ambassadors and we will be delighted to welcome you to our offices with a cup of coffee or tea.

And to reveal the different facets that make up the discreet charm of this "big village", appreciated by insiders.

Our team is mainly composed of Laotians whose native languages are not English and/or French.


We do not have the ambition or the pretension to express ourselves with perfect syntax or smooth oral fluency, and we are grateful for your indulgence in this regard.



Insiders call him Kai. Kai is a cornerstone in the founding of Laos Mood Travel. Kai and Laurent have known each other since 2002. Kai was still an English language student at the time. And one of his first jobs was as a van driver.


This led him to explore his country while mingling with international visitors. The 2 friends have always gotten along well. And they did not leave each other's sight despite the geographical distance.

Returning to Laos in 2008, Laurent got back in touch with Kai, who had benefited from solid experiences in various local agencies. Married and a father, he entered the world of entrepreneurship in 2010.

Kai is now the face of Laos Mood Travel with the relevant authorities. He has an extensive network of contacts in all sectors of tourism, hospitality, air travel and transport, public institutions, and of course with our local service providers and partners.

Kai is the focal point for all the paperwork that is signed for Laos Mood Travel, including hotel contracts and contracts from our various suppliers.

Kai has a penchant for MICE and going into the field for scouting and operations of "real groups".


Kai is an English speaker and answers 24/7 calls from our visitors who express the need once they are there.



Laurent discovered Laotian culture during his semester as a student in Australia in 2001, near Brisbane. By spending quality time with Laotian scholarship students. Back in France to resume his Bachelor's studies, thanks to a tip from one of his Laotian friends, he found himself in an internship in a nascent local agency, in Vientiane, for 6 months in 2002. Laurent becomes strongly attached to Laotian culture to the point that in 2007, he married in France with his Laotian fiancée, who had come to study in Alsace region. In 2008, the couple, who were based in Ho Chi Minh City, moved to Vientiane. And it was in 2010 that Laurent launched Laos Mood Travel with his acolytes at the time.

Laurent's role is to be the link between all the collaborators of Laos Mood Travel. He is the custodian of Laos Mood's vision, values and procedures. It is also and above all the main interface between our professional travel customers and the various stakeholders in the office. Today, Laurent thrives between his Provençal roots (with a still very strong accent) and his "falang" wings, which are well accepted in his adopted culture.

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