Laos Mood Travel is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that was founded on the 10th of October 2010 (10/10/10) by a group of friends who had the desire to express their creativity in all freedom. It is a Lao-registered incoming tour company with headquarters in Vientiane, the capital of the Lao PDR.

We specialize in thematic tailor-made journeys. We are expert advisors to tour operators, travel agencies and direct clients alike on their travel plans to the Lao PDR. We counsel inquirers, design and quote programs, market and execute our tours in Laos, South East Asia.

Despite being a new comer in the market place as a single company, the founders of Laos Mood Travel bring with them extensive knowledge of the Lao tourism industry. They have gained in-depth sales and operations skills after having worked for various leading Laos and regionally-based destination management companies (DMC) and have accumulated over 50 years of combined experience.

We are well networked to the Indochina area (Vietnam + Cambodia along with Laos), Thailand, Myanmar, China and we will be delighted to recommend you to our regional trusted partners. Laos fits well in a combination tour of one or several countries if your time permits.

At Laos Mood Travel we value:

Laos Mood Travel aims at being recognized by its peers, travel industry and clients as a creative, product-driven and details-focused operator. We intend to open new horizons to tour companies and travelers who might not expect this much diversity of themed holiday options to Laos.

Laos Mood Travel: Eye-opener on the Unseen

Honesty – we do not communicate misleading information. We do not “oversell” one service, product or destination and we give frank piece of advice. We prefer dealing with well informed guests who will manage their expectations to meet the reality once visiting Laos.


Care – we care at all times in anything new do like designing a new program, briefing our guides, bookings all services, ensuring all logistics run smoothly once guest are in the destination until following up once they have left. We have put in place a series of procedures that help us minimizing risks along the way.


Creativity – we keep ourselves informed on all novelties from major openings of hotels to identifying new experiences to propose our guests. We test first-hand anything new we propose to our guests. We are a group of open-minded professionals who have the ability to empathy and come up with mind blasting experiences that we are happy to share with like-minded visitors. We grow our offer very regularly. So, stay tuned and make sure you keep yourself updated.


Genuineness – we respect the culture and traditions of Laos. We propose and encourage guests to be curious about the people and places visited and we ensure they adopt the most acceptable behavior doing so. We challenge conventional tour operators by proposing sightseeing and experiences that go beyond the conveniently easy to package and operate touristy trails.


Responsible travel – we value the principles of responsible travel and we are keen to share with them valuable information before and while traveling. We encourage guests to buy, behave and consume so that Lao people, organizations and companies benefit from their visit.


Sense of details – because we do not like the unexpected ourselves, we strive to communicate our guests all necessary information in a fashion that leaves as little room to uncertainty as possible.


Business ethics – we are good payers with our suppliers and partners. We strive to build long lasting relationships with the best people in their respective field and we try hard to pay on time. And we expect likewise from our patrons/clients.

At Laos Mood Travel, our core reason of being is to design, market and operate outstanding value for money and life-long fond travel memories to those travelers in search of genuine experiences. We excel at showing guests the “real” Laos. The Laos of today in all its diversity. Not a staged Laos of a bygone era.


We consider ourselves a boutique operator that wishes to offer personalized and detailed assistance to anyone interested in visiting Laos. We achieve this through visually enticing formats displaying our tailor-made programs.

Expert and updated advice – our team of travel counselors has developed a thorough understanding of guests expectations, especially coming from the western world. Nevertheless, they will ask you questions that will help them identifying your preferences and dislikes, past experiences, expectations and more. All of this with for sole objective to better advise and recommend you. We incorporate in our programs the right amount of inclusions so your experience of travel to Laos is in line with the level of freedom you need. Unlike what can be written in travel guide books (including the most recent issue you are reading!), we have access to live and verifiable information that we are more than happy to share with you. We pride ourselves in bringing value to our services by providing the most updated and accurate information.


Network of contacts – we are very pleased to open new horizons to our guests. Horizons that normally remain closed for non-introduced people. Because traveling is also about meeting the locals, we realize that not just Laotians themselves make up the country. While visiting Laos, and when relevant, we are those kinds of people who do not hesitate to introduce you to expatriates who also “make” Laos. There are a number of smart, highly educated and experts in fields that might be of interest to you. We boast a large range of contacts in the Lao and expat communities that we will be pleased to get in touch with, just for you.


Personalized programs – no tour looks like another. Because we spend some quality time getting to know you, we better identify what corresponds you the best. Unlike other operators, we do not jump into crafting an itinerary and quote until we have ensured about your real interest in Laos and visiting with us. We build this rapport that to us is vital so we feel confident in starting off anything together. This “rapport” is the start base of correspondences that will ultimately lead to shaping the holiday of your dreams.


Value for money programs – unlike a good number of operators, we do not go down the “easy” road and do not wish to compete on price solely. We feel we spend quality time with our guests, we do not cut corners nor jeopardize on quality of services we use. Being the ‘cheapest” is not our objective. If you appeared to compare our programs with others, really ensure you compare apples with apples.


Handpicked tour guides – we are a small boutique operator and once we get a booking confirmed we revert to our short listed tour guides and secure one for you. the earlier you book, the better chance for us to secure excellent guides. In any case, we brief your guide(s) on your profile and your expectations so they are better prepared to welcome you accordingly.


Little attentions, big impressions – we like being surprised by small attentions from our loved ones. And likewise, we like positively surprising our guests with small attentions and touches.


Meeting you in person – if we appeared to be in contact with you, you may wish to meet us in person while traveling Laos. We will do our utmost to do so. Because we feel it is nice and more personal to meet and put a face on a name. We like tying knots with our guests and we would be pleased to show you somewhere personal for an ice cream, a robust Lao coffee, a Beer Lao or anything new we have tried recently and would like to share with you!

Laos Mood Travel is delighted to assist tour operators, travel agencies and clients in direct alike.


So, if like us, you feel you share most of our values stated above and that what makes us different is valuable to you, then, feel free to get on touch with us and see what we can do for you. If you are not afraid of unveiling yourself a little bit, we would like to hear from you.


Remember: we do not aim at delivering guests the cheapest holiday programs they can find anywhere they search. We focus on value for money. So, if you are a “shopper” and hopper, please refrain from contacting us.




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